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Ancient Muzungulo of Mombasa: A tribe with roots in India but about to become extinct

Mombasa, the first urban centre to be established on the mainland East African coastline looks so metropolitan such that it is difficult to imagine an ancient tribe whose members may well still lurking around the shores.

These are the Muzungulos of Mombasa. According to experts they are a Lost Tribe with an Intriguing History.

Deep in the heart of the coastal region of Kenya lies this mysterious and fascinating community.

They are known as the Muzungulos and reside along the Mombasa shoreline.

Despite being little known outside of Kenya, the Muzungulos are a group of people with a unique history and culture that is worth exploring.

According to local legend, the Muzungulos originated from ancient India and arrived in Mombasa centuries ago as traders and seafarers.

The Muzungulos, a Swahili-speaking community, settled in the coastal city of Mombasa, blending their Indian heritage with the local traditions and cultures of the area.

They soon became known for their skills as jewellers, traders, and seafarers, establishing themselves as an influential community in Mombasa.

Despite their early prominence, the Muzungulos eventually became marginalized and forgotten over time, as the city of Mombasa grew and changed.

Today, they number only a few thousand, living in small villages scattered along the coast and retaining many of their unique customs and traditions.

Despite their small numbers, the Muzungulos continue to maintain their distinct culture and traditions. They have their own language, which is a blend of Swahili and Gujarati, and their own unique cuisine that combines Indian spices with local Kenyan ingredients.

For many, the Muzungulos represent an intriguing blend of East African and Indian heritage, offering a window into the rich and diverse cultural tapestry of both Kenya and East Africa.