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Aspiring Arusha-Meru Geopark features in the new ‘Presidential Tour’ film starring two heads of state

The aspiring new Arusha-Meru Geopark is among the sites to be featured in the soon to premier, ‘Presidential Tour,’ a film starring two Presidents, Samia Suluhu Hassan and Hussein Ali Mwinyi.

The ‘Presidential Tour’ is the latest a full-length travel-oriented documentary film covering the splendid tourism sites mapped in Tanzania and which is set to be officially released sometime in April 2024.

Now for the first time this film produced by Chinese Actor, Jin Dong, is going to feature the country’s second aspiring Geopark, located at the foot of the second highest peak in Tanzania, Mount Meru.

President Samia Suluhu showing the Chinese Actor Ji Dong around Arusha National Park, soon to become a new Geopark

The proposed Arusha-Meru Geopark is being planned to operate under the Arusha National Park (ANAPA), in association with ten local villages in the precinct in creating the country’s newest tourism destination.

This is the same site on which America’s legendary movie star John Wayne produced the classic adventure film ‘Hatari!’ in 1962.

However, the soon-to-be released ‘Presidential Tour,’ will also feature Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and Serengeti among other sites on the mainland, before sailing to Zanzibar archipelago.

Sources from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, during the teasing of the initial film trailer, reveal that the film was produced in China and will premier in Beijing during the first quarter of the year 2024.

‘Presidential Tour,’ is also going to be inaugurated in Tanzania around the same time.

The multi-language travel feature will be embedded with English, Kiswahili and Chinese subtitles for wider audience reach-out despite being initially marketed to the Chinese audience.

Apart from starring President Samia Suluhu, the film also features the Zanzibar head of State, Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi in the parts covering tourism attractions found in the Isles’ Stone Town as well as those in the surrounding Islets such as Mnemba Island.

Leading the act is the Chinese actor Jin Dong, who visited Tanzania in 2023 for the filming and held talks with the country’s head of state in Arusha where the President presented him with a special certificate to serve as Tanzania’s Tourism and Cultural envoy in the Far East.

The film comes out two years after the other travel documentary Tanzania: The Royal Tour, featuring President Samia Suluhu was released in the United States.

‘The Royal Tour,’ is among the series of global television events, hosted by Peter Greenberg, President Samia Suluhu Hassan acted as his special guide.

It was billed to be an epic journey through the country via the eyes of its leader and premiered on public television stations across the United Stated in April 2022.

Now, just like the previous documentary which featured in the ‘Royal Tour,’ Television program in the United States, the objective of the ‘Presidential Tour,’ film made in Beijing is also to boost tourism in Tanzania and attract more visitors from China and the Far East.

This new development in the film industry comes at the time when the British actor Idris Elba is expressing interest to come to Tanzania in the near future and establish a state-of-the-art film studio.