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Ghana working to establish the country’s first Geopark

In what is being described as a move to reinforce conservation and showcasing the country’s unique geological heritage, Ghana is working to establish its own Geopark site.

The idea was recently floated at the forum about Global Geoparks in West Africa which was held in Accra where Ghana’s Director of Finance in the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI), Constant Gladzah expressed concern that there are only two Geoparks on the continent.

Out of the 195 Global Geoparks located in 48 countries around the world, Africa has only two such sites; the M’Goun of Morocco and Ngorongoro-Lengai in Northern Tanzania.

The MESTI Director, Gladzah said it was high time for Ghana as well as other West African states to start joining the global Geoparks bandwagon.

Kpatiritinga Rock, one of the most potential Geological sites in Ghana (Photo by William Haun)

A number of other African countries, starting with Kenya and now Ghana have started to carefully subject themselves to the assessment and criteria for the designation of sites for the establishment of additional new Geoparks on the continent.

It was observed during the West African Forum that the more Geoparks gets established in the world, the better for the respective countries’ own environment. This is because the geological sites also play the role of sustenance while enhancing cultural values.

The concertation forum in West Africa was aimed at supporting the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) member states with the capacity to establish Global Geoparks in the region.

It gathering was attended by conservation officials from Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

These were provided with training regarding the knowledge of the UNESCO International Geoscience Geoparks Programme (IGGP).

They were also equipped with operational guidelines for UNESCO Global Geoparks with a focus on the procedure of establishing National Geopark Committees and nomination of Geoparks.


The UNESCO Representative to Ghana, Edmond Moukala, noted that one of the mandates of the organisation was to use it to convene power for cooperation and knowledge sharing for productive outputs that support sustainable development in its member states.

Thus, the concertation was geared at sensitising and providing knowledge background for countries to initiate the processes that will enable the designation of Geoparks in West Africa.