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Morocco’s National Museums Foundation Takes Control of the M’Goun Geopark

The M’Goun Global Geopark of Morocco, which is the first such site to be established in Africa, will now be managed by the country’s National Museums Foundation.

A partnership agreement relating to the management of the M’Goun Geopark museum was signed by the president of the (FNM), Mehdi Qotbi, and the president of the Béni Mellal-Khénifra regional council Adil Barakat.

The deal was sealed in the presence of the President of the M’Goun Global Geopark, Driss Achbal.

Under the new agreement, the Béni Mellal-Khénifra region makes available to the National Museums Foundation, the site. all the buildings comprising the M’Goun Geopark museum and related equipment.

The Region also delegates the management of this museum space.

In return, the National Museums Foundation undertakes, in particular, to provide technical and scientific support, to safeguard all the works of the M’Goun Geopark museum.

FNM will also enrich its collection and its geological and archaeological heritage, to manage this space museum and to participate in its national and international promotion.

The M’Goun UNESCO Global Geopark is located some 100 kilometers from Marrakech and 330 kilometers from the Capital Casablanca.

The Geopark stands in the middle of the chain of the central High Atlas.

Its territory covers an area of medium to high mountains. The climate of the Atlas is Mediterranean with Atlantic influences.