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Nyangoe: The Dragon of Mount Homa

Mount Homa believed to have a secret dragon

A clear view of Mount Homa can be enjoyed from Kendu Bay.

But a large python or rather a fire spitting dragon believed to be guiding the Mountain can only be seen by a few.

Both the mountain and the lake shore township of Kendu Bay are based in Karachuonyo Location of South Nyanza.

The mountain is a major volcanic plug in the Lake Victoria Basin and is only a couple of kilometers from this East Africa’s largest water body.

From the higher hills above Kendu Bay the land drops quickly into a low plain area and this leaves the mountain to stand out spectacularly.

Kendu Bay is both a bay and town which is the part of Rachuonyo North District in Homa Bay County.

It is located on the shore of Lake Victoria along the Katito to Homa-Bay road.

It is the headquarters of the district. Kisumu, the largest urban center in Kenya’s western region, is located 40 kilometers north of Kendu Bay,

Now the most astounding feature in the area is Mount Homa.

The mountain is associated with some hot springs, carbonate soda (bala) for medicine and cooking.

The Mountain happens to be a large carbonatitic complex that forms a broad peninsula on the eastern shore of Lake Victoria.

The rather old mountain is in fact a prehistoric feature. It forms a broad peninsula on the southern shore of Winam Gulf, the clear extension of Lake Victoria.

It is also one of the few volcanos in the world of its kind. These volcanos erupt with the coldest lava known to mankind.

Homa is also Home to a number of Luo beliefs about community roots, their ancestors, all being heavily pivoted on and around the towering natural feature.

In particular, there is a traditional belief or mythology about a big snake, known as Nyangoe, who is supposed to live there and who could cause hurricanes if not appeased.