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Strange Pyramids of Algeria: Cleopatra in Details

Mystery behind Algeria's Pyramids and Cleopatra connection

Algeria has more than 100 pyramids distributed in different parts of the country, dating back to the time of the Kingdom of Numidia.

When talking of pyramids usually Egypt, comes to mind. Then there is that overused line of ‘Sudan has more pyramids,’ which is getting monotonous, tedious, boring and tiring to screaming levels.

For breather of fresh air however, there are pyramids in other countries such as in Algeria.

The Algerian Government recently confirmed that pyramids were discovered in the Tiaret province, 280 kilometers west of the capital.

Algeria’s pyramid tombs, are known as the Jeddars. The structures are unique relics of some ancient time.

Algerian authorities, archaeologists are now pushing to get Jeddars listed as UNESCO World Heritage site.

Many researchers who rushed to study the jeddars formations report that there are dozens of pyramids and royal shrines in Algeria so far.

The 13 monuments, whose square stone bases are topped with angular mounds, are perched on a pair of hills near the city of Tiaret, some 250 kilometers southwest of the country’s capital Algiers.

Constructed between the fourth and seventh centuries, the pyramids are believed by some scholars to have been built as final resting places for Berber royalty – although nobody knows who truly laid within.

Some scholars write that the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania bears cultural significance to Egypt and in fact has a historical linked to Cleopatra Selene, the daughter of Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt.

Cleopatra Selene’s condition before marrying King Juba of Numidia was to make Egypt’s rituals available where she was.

Therefore, she wanted the water of the Nile and pyramids present in Algeria, which was known as Numidia at the time.