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Tale of Mysterious Blue stones brought to Sierra Leone by Strangers from the Outer Space

In 1990, Italian geologist Angelo Pitoni purchased strange blue stones from the Chief of the Fula tribe in Sierra Leone.

Now, members of the West African tribe claimed the rocks were brought by some ‘strange’ visitors from the sky.

The locals believed that these stones were once beings or creatures that inhabited the sky.

Somehow they did something very wrong and after being annoyed by their transgressions; ‘God’ transformed them into stones, before casting them down to Earth to be buried in the ground.

In another version however, the locals said some aliens descended onto their village and deposited the rocks in the midst.

Angelo Pitoni was amused. The tale sounded funny to him.

All the same, he took the rocks and returned to his home in Europe where he intended to test them.

The Geologist then brought the mysterious stones to a university for analysis.

The results showed the stones didn’t match any known earth mineral. He later sent the rock to other laboratories in Rome, Germany, and Tokyo.

In fact all the researchers and scientists who examined the rocks could not even explain why the stones retained their blue colour.

Even stranger, when a small piece from the rock was pulverized and viewed under a microscope, there was no blue colour visible.

Heating the stone to high temperatures would not alter the mineral.

Dipping the rock in bowls of acids and other chemicals would neither break nor weather them down. In fact the process did not affect the texture or the original colour shades of the stones.

The scientists conducted further analysis and discovered that over 77.2 percent of the rock samples were made up of Oxygen.

The remaining composition of the stones was Carbon, Calcium, coupled with some unknown organic compounds.

Eventually they grudgingly concluded that the rocks could have indeed originated from the planets much further in outer spaces.

But did the aliens from the skies bring them to Sierra Leone and left them with the Nomadic Pastoralists community there?

The age of the Sky Stones, according to the geologists, could have been as ancient as 55,000 years old.

In 2013, American artist and designer Jared Collins encountered the Sky stone during a visit to a rare stone dealer in Hong Kong. When Collins requested to see something extraordinary, the dealer presented him with a piece of the Sky-stone.

The dealer claimed that tests conducted on the stone deemed it “unidentifiable,” implying that it did not originate from Earth. Fascinated, Collins expressed his immediate interest in purchasing the stone. However, to his surprise, the dealer refused to sell it.