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Tanzania, Morocco Requested to Send Geoparks Features to Mark Geodiversity Day in October

Geoparks Africa

Tanzania and Morocco, happen to be the only African Countries with established Global Geoparks.

Now the Global Geoparks Network wants the two countries to compile articles and photos from their geological sites. These are to be entered into forthcoming special publications on geo-tourism and heritage sites.

This is part of the International Geodiversity Day organized under the Global Geoparks Network (GGN) with the event being celebrated on 6 October, 2022.

According to the organizers, the celebration of the International Geodiversity Day should be an opportunity for hosts to spread information on the value of the Geoparks.

The GGN leaves the the task of promoting these features to the territories hosting Geological Heritage Sites of international significance and custodians of the Memory of the Earth.

The territories include Tanzania and Morocco which are the only African countries currently hosting Geoparks.

Apparently, Tanzania is the first and so far the only country in Sub-Saharan Region to establish a Geopark.

The Ngorongoro-Lengai Geopark is in the country’s Northern Zone. Soon the Meru-Kilimanjaro Geopark under the Tanzania National Parks will also sail.

Kenya, on the other hand may soon become the third state on the continent to establish a global Geopark.

But Kenya can also file articles and pictures on the proposed site, just as Tanzania may include the country latest Geoparks proposals including Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro.

The Global Geoparks Network’s Executive Board encourages all UNESCO Global Geoparks to send as soon as possible materials on the five most important Geological Heritage Sites of their Geopark.

That means five (5) impressive photos and a short text for each photo for the global campaign in social media and promotion of the Geodiversity in UNESCO Global Geoparks.

The GGN Executive Board also encourages all UNESCO Global Geoparks to participate in the new publication “Geodiversity in UNESCO Global Geoparks.”

The countries, Tanzania included should be sending articles to present their most significant Geological heritage sites and Geodiversity.