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The only two Geoparks in Africa up for Revalidation

The Mountain of God is among the features making up Tanzania's one and only Geopark

Tanzania’s one and only Geopark, is up for revalidation, just as the country is in the process of filing two more sites.

Morocco’s Geopark, the only one in the country also falls under the revalidation process.

The Ngorongoro-Lengai Geopark, found in Northern Tanzania, happens to be among the 28 such global sites under discussion in Thailand.

During its Seventh Session, held at Satun Global Geopark, in Thailand the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s Global Geoparks Council discussed the revalidation reports.

The Council went through reports on twenty-eight global Geoparks located across the globe, among them the only two found in Africa.

Morocco’s M’Goun, which is the first Geopark to be established on the continent, is also listed among the reports currently under UNESCO Geoparks’ Council scrutiny.

M’Goun and Lengai are the only Geoparks found on the African Continent so far.

Kenya’s recently applied features, on the other hand are still waiting on the wings.

Meanwhile other sites whose reports are being tabled include the Comarca Minera, Geopark of Mexico; Batur Geopark of Indonesia; Qeshm Island Geopark of Iran and Satun of Thailand where the meeting is held.

There were reports on other Geoparks such as Rinjani Lombok and Ciletuh – Palabuhanratu, both from Indonesia; Grutas Del Palacio, of Uruguay and Percé in Canada.

Making into the list there is Tuscan Mining Park, Adamello Brenta, Cilento e Valle di Diano and Alburni, all located in Italy

The Erz Der Alpen (Ore of the Alps), in Austria; Novohrad – Nograd, located between Slovakia and Hungary and Hateg Country Geoparks in Romania.

The list includes; Magma and Trollfjell Geoparks both found in Norway

There are three Geoparks of Spain, including; Basque Coast, Molina and Alto Tajo and Courel Mountains.

The UNESCO Council also revalidates Imbabura Geoparks of Ecuador; Rokua GP in Finland and Vis Archipelago, in Croatia; Monts d’Ardeche, of France; Terras De Cavaleiros of Portugal; North Pennines in the United Kingdom.