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UNWTO October Meeting in Arusha: Geoparks could be in Focus

As over 54 African Ministers of Tourism gather for their 65th UNWTO Commission for Africa meeting in Arusha, Geoparks come into focus

As more than 54 Ministers responsible for tourism on the continent meet in Arusha next October, focusing on new forms of travel industry in the wake of global pandemic may dominate the event.

At the moment, Africa is working to introduce alternative forms of tourism, including promoting Geologically based features under the new Geoparks programs.

Permanent Secretary in the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr Francis Michael unveiled an organizing committee for the preparation of the next October event in Arusha.

“The United Nations World Tourism Organization endorsed Tanzania to host the 65th UNWTO Commission for Africa Meeting, to be attended by all tourist ministers and principle secretaries from around the continent,” he explained.

UNWTO endorsed Tanzania as the candidate and host of the 65th UNWTO Commission for Africa 2022 meeting late last year, after Dar-es-salaam expressed its readiness to host the high-profile tourism gathering.

The meeting takes place in October 2022 in the Northern City of Arusha, which is essentially East Africa’s tourism hub and among the topics to be discussed is how to tap into Africa’s rich culture, geological landscapes and traditional food in giving the travel industry on the continent a major boost.

Arusha hosts the UNWTO meeting

Participants will get chances to visit key the leading wildlife parks and Mount Kilimanjaro, apart from several cultural heritage sites in the area.

The UNWTO Decision to endorse Tanzania the candidate to host the 65th UNWTO Commission for Africa Meeting this year was made at the 64th UNWTO Commission for Africa Meeting that was held in Sal Island of Cape Verde in 2021.

UNWTO’s African Member States will work together to establish a new narrative for tourism across the continent.

To better realize tourism’s potential to drive recovery, UNWTO and its Members will also work with the African Union and the private sector to promote the continent to new global audiences through positive, people-centered storytelling and effective branding.

With tourism recognized as an essential pillar of sustainable and inclusive development for the continent, UNWTO had welcomed high-level delegates to the first Regional Conference on Strengthening Brand Africa that was held in Namibia.

The conference featured the participation of the political leadership of host country Namibia, alongside public and private sector leaders from across the continent who welcomed the common determination to rethink as well as restart tourism.