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Yanqing Geopark Museum: A Time Travel Machine Found in China

The Yanqing Geopark Museum is a Time Travel Facility found in China and it delivers.

As people’s interest to discover the world and life which existed before them, archaeology and historical artefacts museums are becoming the new interest of modern days.

Hosting more than 300 samples of fossils, minerals, and rocks, the Yanqing Global Geopark Museum of China is one such offering.

Yanqing presents 4.6 billion years’ earth evolution history.

The facility displays oceanic sedimentary rock formed 1.85-0.8 billion years ago, petrified wood fossils and dinosaur footprint fossils preserved in Tuchengzi Formation.

There is also Jurassic, granite landform created by the Yanshan Movement 80 million years ago, North China Karst Landform in Yanqing Geopark territory, and traditional folks, cultural folks as well as biodiversity in Yanqing.

The Jurassic Part of it

Construction of Yanqing Geopark Museum started in October 2012 and after ten months it was opened to the public in July 2013.

The exhibition area of Yanqing Geopark Museum is around 2000 square meters containing 6 exhibition halls, Introduction Hall, Earth Science Hall and a vast Geo-heritage Hall.

The Museum also houses Cultural Relics Hall, External Communication Hall, Yanqing Development Hall respectively. Besides that, the museum also sets an area for children’s activities and a souvenir shop.